Mortgage Fraud Litigation

Mortgage Fraud Litigation is based on the circumstances surrounding the mortgage origination and the methods or practices of the lender. We enforce your rights against predatory lending or fraudulent activity on your loan. When discussing litigation, each case needs to be looked at individually in order to determine if the facts are present that give rise to a legal cause of action.

Mortgage Servicers’ Secrets

Bankruptcy Basics – Part 1: Introduction

Bankruptcy Basics Part 2: Types of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Part 3: Limits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Part 4: Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Part 5: Creditors’ Meeting

Bankruptcy Part 6: Bankruptcy Crime

Bankruptcy Part 7: Court Hearings

Bankruptcy Part 8: The Discharge


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I am Bankruptcy Attorney Vanessa Childs. Every day I meet good people struggling financially. I have dedicated my law practice to helping people find solutions to tough situations. It is my mission to help clients facing a debt crisis to get control of their finances and start on a path to a financially secure future. It is a very rewarding experience to meet with a client who is facing the loss of their car, home, or their family's life style as they currently know it because it all about to fall apart; to hear about the stress, anxiety, the loss of sleep, yet we are able to make a legal plan to immediately and drastically improve their situation. When you visit me, I will likely be able to reduce your anxiety so that you will walk out of my office with real hope and you'll be looking forward to a tangible and fresh start. It is my experience that anyone is but one job loss or one unexpected medical emergency away from the need for a bankruptcy attorney. Being in debt doesn’t make you a bad person. Good people can fall victim to bad circumstances. I am here to help. Knowledge is Power and we will share our knowledge with you when you have us partner with you in stopping further damage and harassment from mortgage lenders, banks, and other creditors while getting your financial life back in order.
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