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Welcome Counselor,

–Thank you for taking a minute to take a look at this site.

Why Did I build THIS site. Since 1999 I have been working for law practices: building websites that individuals and small business owners will respond to — and pick up the phone and then NVLL a Lawyer. Simple. Period.

Normally our little group of geeks here, build sites
“made-to-order.” Not for this new BK Site…

Over the years I’ve done many Bankruptcy sites – but was never allowed to do my own “version” of what WORKS. This site will connect with real people. I had some free-time in August and decided to take all my little discoveries of WHAT WORKS from running Google AdWords campaigns for several East Coast Bankruptcy Firms and put all I’ve learned into one site. After-all, Bankruptcy is Federal –and except for exemptions and state-by-state differences– what works in New York works here in Nevada. I put all of the GOOD stuff that worked on so many different sites ALL together here on this one Bankruptcy site:


What is my Website Philosophy?

For 12 years I heard variations of the same comment from many attorneys: “We’ve had a $30,000 website up and live for 5-years and we are hard-pressed to identify even ONE client that the website has brought to us!”

Our little niche is building “Marketing Sites” for law practices – websites that are less text-based, less-stuffy, and less-boring! Websites that actually work…

Me and my crew of coding and graphics geeks build sites that speak in easy-to-grasp layman style, with many more pictures and graphics so that the average person –individual or business owner – will relax and actually read the site! Our sites are written more casually and we go out of our way to paint YOU, the attorney, as a warm, approachable human who has the legal experience and skills that the potential client wants and needs. My sites are always more successful than typical legal sites.

Okay! You spent a ton of cash on your existing site. Keep it! Seriously, yes keep that site for your business card. It may have a domain name that is “totally un-findable!” What do I mean? is great for Wilson’s “entity and possibly his ego too – but nary a client will Attorney Wilson glean from any common Internet searches! When attorney Wilson wakes up and adds a 2nd website to his marketing toolbox: “” his phone will finally begin to ring. Who would have thought ! ! ?

After several hundred legal sites, we know what works! Keep your pretty, elegant –but boring website! It is necessary for doing business. It is already on your business cards. Your existing clients KNOW you so they can even remember your domain name. If your site is text-based, and high-brow, hopefully it would impress your old law professors and the judges and DA’s you might hand your business card to at a cocktail party – that is GREAT! Really. That “masthead” business-card website is perfect for all those things. But when it’s time to use the Internet to convert potential clients into actual clients you need a website where regular people can “relate” to YOU – – – the human-lawyer – – – so much so that they will pick up a phone and NVLL YOU!

My clients, after a year of working together, will have 6 or 8 marketing sites and one site (their cocktail site – their masthead site) on their business card. You don’t have to list section-specific marketing sites on your business cards unless you want to – their SOLE PURPOSE is to get your phones to ring with new clients.

Do you think this Website “Too Picture Rich?” I hope to change your thinking.

If you are looking for actual clients — people, individuals, business owners — for your practice, THIS SITE will out-perform most any “typical law firm site” out there. I am going to send out about 50 emails to Bankruptcy attorneys in the Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County area. One of you will agree with me.

I picked the Las Vegas Domain because of the size of the city (2,000,000 – that’s BIG) and the financial demographics. From an attorney marketing point-of-view, it simply makes sense no matter where your primary physical office is: Henderson, Reno or whatever. Many Reno Lawyers will get a “Regus Office” in Las Vegas and meet client in Clark County a couple day each week. There are of out-of-state attorneys renting space in the Regus-like offices in Las Vegas too. ALL that said, if you like the site, but want it moved to Reno or Henderson or “Nevada” – we can work that out.

Just to demonstrate HOW DIFFERENT LOOKING my marketing sites are from the “typical legal website,” I searched for “Bankruptcy Attorneys in Las Vegas and Clark County and made a quick list of websites I found — websites where there is one or more lawyers ready, willing and able to file Bankruptcy. I build a LIST of those local sites below… Maybe your website is in my list below?

The price for this Bankruptcy Website? Affordable! My sites work. My sites are priced right – – where even a sole practitioner can pay for it with just one new Chapter 13 case… See price info under all of the Las Vegas Bankruptcy Websites below.

This is a temporary list of local Las Vegas Bankruptcy websites – firms where one or more attorneys profess a desire to do bankruptcy work – and will be removed in a few days. I simply grabbed these local websites to make a POINT. Modern legal websites, for the most part, are not designed to really jump off the screen and “CONNECT” to an individual. Frankly, a person contemplating bankruptcy, whether personally – or for his or her business – desires to “connect” to a lawyer (a real person) – not a law firms’ stylish website. My legal sites will almost always perform better for getting your phone to ring. I’m good at this.

Did I stumble across YOUR Website – in my Search

This site is looking for a HOME
a New Master…

This Law Practice Website is priced at an affordable $1,875.00.

The first attorney who sends us an initial deposit of $625 via PayPal gets the site. Within 48 hours we will begin to detail the site for you:

  • “Brand the site” for you, using your name and logo etc;
  • Add custom photo-shop’ed pictures of your office building, office interior;
  • Add your picture and any staff photos you may choose;
  • Recreate the firm profile, the attorney profile(s), contact page and;
  • Any other (reasonable) changes you have.

If you have the pictures and content handy I can have this website “dialed-in” for your in 2-days. It is tedious work and I estimate 13 to 16 hours to “brand the site” including specific content and time in Photo-Shop to detail your pictures, logos and what have you. When the site is the way you like it, send us $625.00 more. In 30 days send us the balance ($625.00). That’s it.

Call anytime:

–Keith Bennett

(702) 666-0408

If you’ve looked it over and really want it, there is only this one Las Vegas (and I have a Nevada Domain Name if you want to operate from Reno – Carson City – Las Vegas) site and I figure first come, first…, so consider dragging out a credit card if it is 3 am and you don’t want to wish you had. I am sending out a dozen emails a day to the 50 to 100 bankruptcy attorneys I’m aware of in Clark County. My sites always seem to find a home. I can be reached from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm most days.

Deposit of $625

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I am Bankruptcy Attorney Vanessa Childs. Every day I meet good people struggling financially. I have dedicated my law practice to helping people find solutions to tough situations. It is my mission to help clients facing a debt crisis to get control of their finances and start on a path to a financially secure future. It is a very rewarding experience to meet with a client who is facing the loss of their car, home, or their family's life style as they currently know it because it all about to fall apart; to hear about the stress, anxiety, the loss of sleep, yet we are able to make a legal plan to immediately and drastically improve their situation. When you visit me, I will likely be able to reduce your anxiety so that you will walk out of my office with real hope and you'll be looking forward to a tangible and fresh start. It is my experience that anyone is but one job loss or one unexpected medical emergency away from the need for a bankruptcy attorney. Being in debt doesn’t make you a bad person. Good people can fall victim to bad circumstances. I am here to help. Knowledge is Power and we will share our knowledge with you when you have us partner with you in stopping further damage and harassment from mortgage lenders, banks, and other creditors while getting your financial life back in order.
Call our office to schedule an appointment with attorney Vanessa Childs. Our offices are open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and our service can reach us if you have a pressing after-hours matter. Call (702) 666-0408